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🇦🇹 "The Future is Digital"

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

"The Future is Digital" - 19-28.11.2022 in Rettenegg, Austria

In the era of change where everybody’s wearing uncertain ideas about this digitalization and their future in this world, Young people and a few partner NGOs decided to come up with an initiative to implement a project on this topic in wonderful Austria.

With this decision already made, our adventure can begin. This topic was so interesting for 48 people who choose to take part in this amazing youth exchange.

The purpose is to motivate people to learn, improve different digital skills, learn to have better management of social media, and learn some important things about digital tools that can help everyone.

These activities included teamwork, things about leadership, and communication between the participants. We did a lot of projects and educational activities and workshops. We did creative shows and theatre, but also research and tutorials.

Austria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Italy, Turkey, and Romania gathered together to improve their skills and acquire a better awareness of the digitalization of the world. During eight days, we improve skills that include making videos, recreating videos, making testimonials, learning how to use digital skills to make our life easier, photoshopping pictures and using photo tools, WordPress etc.

The project activity was implemented between 19.11.2022 – 28.11.2022 in Rettenegg. Rettenegg, is a wonderful town that is located one hour and a half away from Vienna. It has landscapes that include trees, is surrounded by mountains specific architecture, a wonderful church and the best vibe in the country. The participants had the opportunity to be hosted in a marvellous hotel. The good part is that you can share your room with people from different countries, which means that you can learn about their culture and encourage to adapt to change to work in mixed cultural groups while improving your digital skills.

The topic was raising the motivation of participants to use digital technologies to express their creativity and to upgrade their digital skills for educational purposes or job seeking.

We also learn to connect technology and the education process.

To be more specific I’ll present you with a resume of our activities:

On the first day, we met each other, and draw a backpack with our challenges, expectations and contributions. More than that, we made groups of 5 people and we discussed the common things that we have and the things that are unique for every person.

In the afternoon session, we were divided into groups and we had to complete and post in the Facebook group what the backpack contain.

In the following days, we began with some games and energizers. These activities were actually really fun and we had a great time doing them. We had to work In mixed cultural groups and national teams, and we discussed digitalization in our country. In the last part of the day, we started our intercultural nights. The first two countries were Romania and Italy. We saw some videos about the places, traditions and culture of these countries, we ate specific food and we played Kahoot games. The same for Serbia, North Macedonia and Turkey.

During these days we talked about the pros/ cons of digitalization, what is digital skills and why are these important to young people, how digitalization is transforming our society and how this affected our relationships.

We also learn to support ideas of sustainability, and teamwork, to be more efficient using digital skills.

More than that, we created some tutorials or presentations about some digital tools (like Photoshop, LinkedIn, Workaway etc.) that can be used in a good way. Also, these presentations will be useful for the kids from high school. We hope that they’ll learn a lot of new and interesting things from what we presented. It was a great experience for us too because we worked in teams and even we learned something new from other people and from that activity.


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