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🇭🇺 "MInimal SelF EsTeem"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Name: MISFEET – Minimal Self Esteem

Partners: Asociación Xuvenil Arousa Moza (Spain), Asociatia ARYAS (Romania), Be The Change (Italy), Euroactive NGO Bulgaria (Bulgaira), Neomenioi (Greece), the bettermaking Ifjúsági Alapítvány (Hungary)

Duration: 08-17.06. 2022. (incl. travel days)

Place: Szentendre, Hungary


Purpose: Through this project, we are raising the awareness of the participants to use social media more thoughtfully and gain their self-esteem.

With this in mind, we set the following objectives:

  • Developing young people’s abilities to analyze the impact of social media on their personal behaviours;

  • Developing the critical thinking of young people using non-formal methods;

  • Increasing young people’s self-esteem by discovering their unique abilities and characteristics.

About our project:

What an amazing project!

MISFEET was everything we talk about when we talk about YE-s. Old and new friends, amazing partners, good facilitators, interculturality, friendship, adventures and a lot of interesting topics we talked about – which sometimes we discovered by ourselves (such as the social media effect on our life) sometimes others educate us (such as body positivity – by the fantastic Hungarian body positivity influencer @trustyourbodyproject). But, of course, there’s no E+ project without those amazing intercultural nights so we discovered the Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian and Greek cultures, learnt dances, and tasted foods as well. But, the cherry on the top was that we knew how many good people gathered together to share their knowledge about a topic, which is connected with us with many threads.


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