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🇦🇹 "Increasing Intercultural Competences and Awareness of Youth Workers"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Increasing Intercultural Competences and Awareness of Youth Workers - Training Course - 21-29.06.2022 - Graz, Austria

The reasons behind this activity

The project ‘Increasing Intercultural Competences and Awareness of Youth Workers’ aimed to address the following NEEDS that the consortiums of 10 youth organizations active in the field of international youth work identified to be essential to them: -the NEED to provide their youth workers who were involved so far in local, or national activities the opportunity to develop their competencies to work in international settings as participants, but also as youth workers delivering activities; -the NEED to gain needed intercultural competencies, to increase their intercultural awareness to enable them to work with mix cultural groups at the local, and national levels. - the NEED to increase their capacities to create their own projects with the support of the Erasmus + Programme. Youth workers are motivated to take work more actively with the Erasmus + Programme, especially with youth exchanges, training courses and youth participation activities.

More about our project

"IICAYW" took place in the beautiful city of Graz, Austria and involved 30 youth workers coming from North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Italy, Spain, and France. During this Training Course, the participants increased the competencies needed to deliver quality youth work activities within their organizations at the local level and international levels.

The youth workers increased their competencies, and get equipped with new tools, knowledge and methods related to the field of intercultural learning and cultural awareness. Therefore, the project improved the quality of daily work of the organisations involved in the youth field during and after the project's lifetime.

The participants increase their knowledge of the Erasmus + Programme, non-formal education, and YouthPass. They are now more capable to encourage young people to take part in the activities under Erasmus + Programme informing them of the opportunities which international mobility brings and lead intercultural groups of youngsters.

Overview of the lessons learned

Theoretical inputs about intercultural learning and how to practically apply these approaches in the Youth Field;

Experiencing tools and methods, analyzing the challenges, and obstacles of delivering these in intercultural settings and the skills needed to address them;

How to prepare and lead a workshop, from the idea to the implementation;

How to create video tutorials carrying the lessons learned and targeting youth workers, and educators, not directly involved in the activity;

How to use creative writing and digital storytelling to promote cultural diversity;

Knowledge about the Erasmus + Programme and how to develop new project ideas tackling the issues and elements of intercultural learning. And much more...

Download the project booklet created by our participants with useful tools to implement in your next activities.

IICAYW - Booklet
Download PDF • 10.68MB


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