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🇩🇪 "Capability Means Employability" - 18.06 - 26.06.2023, Hemmersheim, Germany

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

This Project has been co-founded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Action KA1 Program. Participants came from different countries: Italy, Spain, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Germany.

Young people do not have enough opportunities to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the labour market. Furthermore, they lack the self-esteem and self-confidence required to succeed in the job search. Project "Capability Means Employability" also provides an opportunity for young people to learn more about the Erasmus+ Program. Many young people are unaware of the Program's benefits and opportunities. It's important to expand their knowledge and encourage them to put their ideas into action, as well as to participate in more international mobility activities.


- To get the skills necessary to hunt for a job and to succeed in a job interview.

- To improve the employment skills of young people, particularly those with limited opportunities

- To encourage the participants to focus on their personal and professional development by participating in various volunteer activities and/or projects funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and other sources of financing.

- To offer participants an understanding of the Erasmus+ Program and the opportunity to work on project ideas for the future.

- To inspire other young people through a series of short videos and local activities created by the youth exchange participants.

- To enhance partnerships between partners and provide a forum for exploring future cooperation ideas.

The youth exchange “Capability means Employability” reflects the Erasmus+ Programme's established priorities: it actively encourages young people's spirit of initiative by boosting skills needed to succeed in the labour market. Furthermore, youth exchange will provide young people with the opportunity to learn more about different countries and cultures while also

increasing their cultural awareness. The participants learned how to work in a multicultural workplace. Young people with fewer opportunities are also included in youth exchange. In the job search process, young individuals with fewer prospects encounter numerous hurdles and obstacles. This youth exchange will provide them with an opportunity to improve their skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem, as well as prepare them for future achievements


  • Expectations contributions, and Fears

  • Team-Building

  • Daily reflection session

  • Welcome tour of the local community

  • Erasmus+ Presentation

  • Youthpass and Eight key Key Competencies

  • Self-Assessments and Sharing experience

  • Job hunting

  • Presentation and Discussion

  • What does my online Presence say About me?

  • LinkedIn

  • Identifying Key Elements of CV and Motivation Letter

  • Community day

  • Getting Ready for Job Interviews

  • Communication and problem-solving


Capability Means Employability - Booklet
Download PDF • 5.57MB

Learning methods:

  • Learning by doing

  • icebreakers and team-building games to get to know each other.

  • Workshops will leave room for discussions and debates

  • Simulation games will allow us to identify current challenges of non-formal education and show possible measures to strengthen them.

  • These sessions will provide the participants with concrete ideas that can be implemented in their local communities, thus ensuring a critical multiplier effect.


In conclusion, the experience is something worth repeating. These days, a diverse group of young people have learned many things about the different ways and techniques of training for their future jobs, but most of all, they have learned about friendship, interculturality, and some about summer love. It is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to learn and form a culturally united future in an atmosphere of tolerance.


1. Hi, I’m Vuk, and I come from Serbia. I have already participated in this type of youth exchange once, but this one was more interesting to me. I learned a lot of things, met a lot of new people, and got to know new cultures. The best thing about this exchange is that you meet new people and get to travel a lot, which is the best part of this kind of exchange. I will participate in such exchanges many more times, and I hope that I will stay in contact with all the people from here and that we will meet at one of the next exchanges.

2. I’m Natalija, from Macedonia. This was my first Erasmus+ project. At the beginning, I was shy, but as time passed, I met amazing people and made so many friendships. I also gained new skills about applying for jobs while having so much fun. The gossip box and secret friends were something new to me, and they were the most interesting activities in the project. I hope I will have more opportunities like this to meet new people and cultures.

3. I’m Pier, from Italy. In this project, we discussed CVs and job interviews. We had the opportunity to get to know different cultures from ours and also learn something about Italian culture. This project is a good way to improve English because it’s the main language, but also some other words from different parts of Europe. I advise anyone to participate in these projects; it doesn’t matter if you speak English well or not; with this, you have the opportunity to improve your skills.

4. Hello, I’m Castilda, a Spanish participant. This has been my first youth exchange. I have learned very interesting things from other cultures, such as the typical Serbian food and Bulgarian traditions. Also, I had the opportunity to learn about the Europass, CV, and useful skills for an interview. Overall, it was a new experience that let me get out of my comfort zone in order to have fun and learn new things.

5. I’m Teodora from Bulgaria. The theme is familiar, and I didn’t expect that I could learn new things. Well, I was wrong. This project showed me the importance of being able to create a professional CV and motivational letter, as well as having to have an appropriate attitude during an interview. Here I met wonderful people with whom I share the same interests and vibe. The secret friend taught us how to take care of others, and it increased our sense of belonging to society.

6. Hi, I’m Mohamed from Egypt, a resident of Germany. I am taking part in this project. I have learned here. I have met new friends. People who liked me and people who didn’t like me have come closer to people who live far from me; we shared a house, and we saw each other in the mornings with ugly faces and in underwear (sometimes). During the activities and at night, you forget who came from where. They are all alike. They wish the same. They fear the same. I loved being with them. I made myself new brothers and sisters. Maybe we'll never talk again. But they have taken small pieces of my heart with them. I love their countries because of them.

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