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🇸🇪 "Active youth for Europe"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

"Active youth for Europe" - 12-19.11.2021 - Floda, Sweden


The main idea of this Youth exchange ‘Active youth for Europe’ was brought by a group of young people who had an opportunity to interact and share experiences in a diverse, international environment, and expressed their interest to create an opportunity for other young people to gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures, to get an understanding of challenges that youth face in their countries, to establish youth European network with other youngsters as well as to create the possibility to explore and critically reflect on different topics concerning youth in Europe and to gain the confidence to actively take part in the European citizenship in the future. Objectives of the youth exchange ‘Active Youth for Europe’: - to provide the participants with an opportunity to express and share their thoughts on common topics concerning youth - to create a space of sharing realities: experiences and good practices of challenges and obstacles youth people face on an international level, as well as to discuss possible solutions - to strengthen the knowledge of youth people on the topic of European citizenship, to raise awareness of European values and to stimulate its practice - to increase competencies like creativity, teamwork, finding solutions, and problem-solving as well as give young people an opportunity to work in a diverse environment with people from other cultures and backgrounds - to provide knowledge on different topics through non-formal education - to share the goal and idea of the Erasmus + Programme and to encourage the participants to take part in its possibilities and activities


During this Youth Exchange, we plan to gather 60 participants with the following background profile: ● young people aged 18 to 30 coming from partners countries ● participants should be interested in learning the topic of Europe and the concept of European citizenship, strongly interested in debating issues concerning youth in Europe and working on creating solutions ● ready to learn and work on creating media content, such as photos, videos, blogs and social media, in order to raise awareness of the importance of the topic and to address the issues online ● motivated to work in international teams ● able to complete the entire program and take active participation in the preparatory and follow-up activities ● good level of English - being able to effectively communicate and discuss


Youth exchange ‘Active youth for Europe’ is going to have a strong impact on 60 people who will be actively involved in all the activities planned and will increase their knowledge, skills and experience on topics of European citizenship, and active youth participation. The participants of this youth exchange will become confident enough to take the first steps into future actions on a national or international level and will already have a European network of other young people with whom they can debate common topics and participate in decision-making processes. The youth exchange will also have an impact on our partner organizations because will widen their network, will strengthen their capacity of skilled people and will promote Erasmus + programme.


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