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🇭🇺 "A Compass For Internet News"

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Name: A Compass for Internet News

Duration: 20. 07. 2021. – 29. 07. 2021. (including travel days)

Partners: Euroactive NGO Alapítvány – Hungary | Euroactive NGO – Romania | KIYIKOY DOGA SPORLARI KULUBU DERNEGI – Turkey | Be the Change – Italy | Asociación K’MON – Spain | Youth Empowerment Center – Greece

Place: Szentendre, Hungary



Purpose: To develop information literacy among young people.


  • Developing youth skills to identify fake content in the online environment.

  • Raising the awareness of young people about the importance of critical information analysis.

  • Development of healthy digital habits, routines and behaviours for analyzing and processing information in the online environment, for young people.


About the Project

On the first day we started with teambuilding which the aim to know those people we were willing to spend the next 10 days with – and by “get to know” we not only meant to learn each other names but we shared our expectations, fears and dreams, as well. Later we talked one word or two about the ERASMUS+ program and the 8 competencies – what those are and what they mean.

Later, we talk about the objectives of this project – the facilitators talked about the cornerstones of the program, the topic we will cover during our staying and why those topics are relevant these days. At the end of the day, we made our envelopes for our “secret friends” who can leave us lovely messages, and supportive motivational words for us (while she/he treated me with delicious sweets as well) to make our days better.

On the second day, the fun finally began and the facilitators and the participants held interesting, topic-related workshops giving us plenty of useful pieces of information about fake news, conspiracy theories, clickbait, the bad habits of internet users, propaganda and some other stuff as well.

In some activities, we touched on the topic of emotional intelligence as a key competence between human-to-human communication – and of course, our facilitators give us useful tips&tricks how one can improve his/her EI. Later the topic of the rollercoaster of life was mentioned – this is a part of life and youngsters need to be able to face them efficiently. The better one can take advantage of disadvantages the better his/her life will be in a long run.

At the end of the tiring days, we had some time for fun – which we called “intercultural nights”. We learn a lot about the participants’ cultural backgrounds, their traditions (foods, dances etc…) and we tested our knowledge via Kahoot tests.

Check out the Workshop Games created by our participants!

A Compass For Internet News (Tools)
Download PDF • 2.71MB

For the past 10 days, 32 people from all over Europe have gathered in a camping site

near Budapest where they have talked about the dangers of fake news & how to combat

them. Fake news is manipulated information that is used to scare, control and mislead


One of the main aims of the project was to learn how to spot fake news from the

information pool. The process of spotting them is actually comprised of 8 basic steps,

which are to consider the source, read beyond the headline, and check the author by doing

a bit of research about him/her, check if the sources are legit & the date to see if it is just

an old article, if it is a joke, if it is biased or not and, of course, to fact-check every piece of

information that comes your way.

The second and most important part of this project was learning how to combat fake

news. A very important thing about this would be to start thinking more critically with the

aforementioned fact-checking technique. It's not only about countering them, it's about

having an active part in the process of making the online environment a safer one, especially

because one of the more important values of Erasmus+ is to create a safe space for people

from Europe and all around the world.

All in all, we have developed our ways of spotting and combating fake news in a more

meaningful and impactful manner.


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