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🇭🇺 "Youth Playground"

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Name: Youth Playground

Partners: the bettermaking Ifjúsági Alapítvány (Hungary), Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych (Poland), Be The Change (Italy), Maverick BG (Bulgaria), AGENCIA DE DESARROLLO LOCAL DE SANTA POLA (Spain), Asociatia Monomyths (Romania)

Duration: 04. 08. 2022. – 13. 08. 2022.

Place: Szentendre, Hungary


  • To build, in August 2022, one “playground” in the form of a youth exchange that will use traditional games to bring together young people from 6 European countries, teach them to cherish and promote their cultural heritage and European values while also improving their emotional wellbeing through physical activities.

  • To launch the European online platform “European Youth Playground” which will host at the beginning of around 20 traditional games from all over the European space, dedicated to “playful” European citizens and education professionals who want to create sustainable “playgrounds”.

  • To start a digital awareness campaign on Instagram that will reach 200 young people from all over Europe meant to help preserve the traditional games and to act as an invitation for young people and other Youth or cultural NGOs to take action and to start the dialogue with the younger generation, find a common ground and understand in which ways, channels and practices the young people are engaged better with cultural heritage.

  • To organize 6 local game marathons titled “Youth Playdates” for more than 120 Europeans of all ages to promote unity, emotional well-being, interpersonal relations, and the protection of European cultural heritage while also promoting the digital platform “European Youth Playground” and the Erasmus+ Programme.


Activities and Methods

„In order to overcome the negative emotional effects generated by the pandemic on young people, as well as to preserve and promote the intangible European cultural heritage and core European values. A project that will use European traditional games as a tool for generating non-formal educational experiences. The project will teach young people to cherish and promote their cultural heritage and European values while also improving their emotional well-being through physical activities.”

We started the first day with getting-to-know-you games, so we had the opportunity to learn more about each other. After then was a team building activity, where they had to give each other as many oranges as quickly as possible. For the rest of the day, we talked about the topic of the project and what Erasmus+ is. Then activity began where the participants could better know each other. In the last part of the day, everyone received a secret friend, which means that during the project you have to surprise your secret friend.

We started the second day with a dance energizer, so everyone was in a better mood. Then the participants formed teams and were given tasks that they had to complete in Szentendre. For example: Discover from locals what are 5 traditional Hungarian dishes. It was time for the participants to show how many tasks they were able to complete. Each team gave a presentation about what tasks they managed to complete. After that, we played the well-known Activity game, where you had to draw, paint, and explain the phrase related to the topic of the project.

The next day we made an exciting body-moving energizer(polish traditional dance), and t

hen we played a spider web game. The participants had to make a presentation in teams on the topic of heritage, for example, “tangible heritage”. After the coffee break, these presentations were presented, and then we will respond to each of them together. We continued the day with Hungarian games, the first one was a ball game: “Protect your gate” and After “Where are the people clapping?” We didn’t stop, we played a very energizing game, the groups had a must to steal the another group’s flag. Finally, we played “Country Country give a soldier”.

We started the next day with a Domino energizer, and after we played many many Romanian games, for example, Sheep and the Wolf, and a lot of ball games. After the lunch, we continued the day with spanish traditional games, where we could test our speed and our ability to hide.

The next day was an open-space day, and some of the participants prepared programs for today. In the first workshop held by Lumi, we participate a guided meditation to activate our creativity. After this Martin Mical and Kalin presented the basics of photography, and then everyone could try it out in groups. We continued the day with a Pixel art workshop and after we danced a lot. Then Dimana and Irina showed us their dancing skills and taught us some great dance steps. After then we continued the photography session. We edited the pictures that we made.

The next day we played many Bulgarian games, with Rubber Band, and after we also play energizer games. (Ninja game). And also a lot of ball games.

The last day came, and we started with a super energizer, followed by an emotions activity, and then everyone wrote a few kind words to each other. We spend amazing 10 days together and leave with life-long memories and friendship.


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