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🇭🇺 "Share Your Values and Experiences Locally and Internationally"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Name: SYVELI – Share your values and experiences locally and internationally

Partners: the bettermaking Ifjúsági Alapítvány – Hungary | UDRUZENJE KIBITZ KOLEKTIV – Serbia | Be the Change NGO – Italy | SIR – Poland | EUROACTIVE NGO – Romania | ASSOCIATION MOGA– Bulgaria

Duration: 04-13.09.2021 (including travel days)

Place: Szentendre, Hungary


Purpose: Through this project, we are raising the awareness of the participants regarding the new job opportunities in the European labour market and how the brain drain affects the European social fabric.

With this in mind, we set the following objectives:

  • Promote the values of social inclusion, tolerance, freedom of expression and intercultural dialogue;

  • Support the participants to be more active in their local community;

  • Inspire the youngsters to boost their self-confidence and improve all those soft skills useful to be a more all-around successful European citizen.

About our project:

First of all, did you know, that only in 2019 more than 50.000 Hungarians left Hungary mostly in the western direction for a better living? Have you ever heard about the phenomena of brain drain?

Let us tell you more… Our project SYVELI – Share Your Values and Experiences Locally and Internationally came to life after we founded our organization in rural Hungary and we faced – not that we did not see the phenomena before – but in one of our intern workshops the statistics hit us hard and we realized: we HAVE TO MAKE a project, a youth exchange which tackles the topic of socio-economical migration and hand-in-hand brain drain.


Let’s tell you more about our activities…

Firstly, we began with two pretty busy days spent mostly with team building activities, getting to know each other’s cultural backgrounds and even having the chance to explore Budapest.

Not only Budapest but visited Szentendre too, where our venue was and made very nice interviews with local people about their knowledge of brain drain we asked and told them also about Erasmus+ possibilities.

After that, we got familiar with the phenomenon of brain drain more deeply and how it’s

affecting European countries, especially the ones taking part in the project. We talked about the difference between exclusion, segregation, integration and inclusion, and shared our own connecting experiences. We created our perfect imaginary countries where there are no social issues and realized, how hard we have to work to even be close to such an imaginary world.


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