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🇭🇺 "Pictures Speak for Inclusion"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Name: Pictures Speak for Inclusion

Partners: the bettermaking Ifjúsági Alapítvány – Hungary | UDRUZENJE KIBITZ KOLEKTIV – Serbia | Be the Change NGO – Italy | SIR – Poland | EUROACTIVE NGO – Romania | ASSOCIATION MOGA– Bulgaria

Duration: 08.07.2021 – 19.07.2021 (including travel days)

Place: Szentendre, Hungary


Through this project, we contributed to reducing the level of social exclusion, stereotyping and discrimination using photography and the promotion of European Values.

With this in mind, we set and achieved the following objectives:

  • A better understanding of the European values

  • Develop young people photographic skills

  • Increase awareness about the effects of social exclusion

  • Achieve a project with generous social impact

About the project

We began… our project with getting to know each other activities, where a simple but fun exercise that we’ve done was trying to draw each others’ faces on envelopes, where we can send and receive unspoken messages to our peers. Colorful, funny and quite interesting, it was a good way to build up the feeling of comfort between the group. We went through a rulemaking process also, which was followed by listing our fears and objectives, fears which we have symbolically destroyed.

We continued then… we talked about the Erasmus Plus Youthpass and the 8 key competences: what they mean and why they are important to us. Our level of energy was always maintained with fun energisers, for example: follow the leader and the pony game. Then we had the “line activity”, where we were able to know ourselves and our group on a more intimate level.

Later on… one of the most challenging activities was a role-play where we were put in the situation to be discriminated and excluded, to fill the how it is to have limited rights, just because you are born in a different country, culture or family.

We also… got to know each other better by being divided into groups and describing an incident where we felt discriminated against. After that, we had to find solutions for a list of questions where we learned more about inclusion, like why it’s important and different ways to define it.

After that … we had an activity to find a solution for a disabled person to be able to do one of our favourite activities. We found out that there is always a way, we just need to try. The reflection and evaluation, where we each said one thing we learned during the activities, were also parts of our productive days.

Finally … we got to know more and more things about photography through the workshops that the participants have been facilitating. We got to experiment with editing pictures, getting creative with the contents and titles of photographs, exploring night painting and receiving insights from professionals.



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