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🇬🇧 🇮🇹 "My Online Success"

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

"My Online Success" - 11-19.09.2022 in Augusta, Italy

We are pleased to update you on the accomplishments of our youth exchange program, "My Online Success," which took place in Augusta, Sicily, Italy, from September 11 to September 19, 2022. 42 young people from the UK, Italy, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Estonia participated in this program to advance their digital literacy and learn safe online practices. The participants improved their cooperation and communication skills as well as their ability to work with people from diverse cultures through exercises like making videos, building a blog, and generating a booklet of exercises and resources. We are pleased with the program's outcomes, which include a blog and videos that anyone or any group interested in social media or the Erasmus+ Program can utilize. Thank you to everyone who helped make this program a success, both participants and partners!


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