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🇦🇹 "Breaking the Glass Ceiling through Media and Social Media"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Breaking the Glass Ceiling through Media and Social Media - 29.06-7.07.2022 - Graz, Austria

Although we were welcomed by rain in Graz, it decided not to visit us for a while, and that's how our sunny days began in this literally breathtaking city. Slowly but surely, we all arrived at the accommodation where we were tired but excited for tomorrow when we were all going to meet. The first day was all about team building and exploring the city, with the added mission impossible called "Trying to remember everyone's names". We still strongly believe that the organizers' idea of team building was "people that work together bond better". On the second day, we started talking about the glass ceiling and how to break it. Gender stereotypes, corporate life, discrimination and double standards were all topics of discussion that made us think more about what we can do to fix them. Every day we started with a quick energizer, either in the park or at the hostel. We were always divided into different teams to get to know each other better and we improved our skills while having fun and connecting physically and mentally to each other. After immersing ourselves in the topic, we started working on our presentation skills so that we could share our knowledge with our peers back home. We learned about how we can use the internet to our advantage and we worked together in our national teams to create our presentations. This was followed by "community day" where we were again tasked with a little treasure hunt in the city. We all enjoyed Graz's baroque architecture combined with modern takes on some buildings. All in all, not even the heat stopped us from learning, exiting our comfort zone, meeting new people and experiencing Graz and Austria in the best way possible

Check our project Booklet!

Booklet - Breaking the Glass Ceiling
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