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🇭🇺 "Another Face of Social Media"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Name: Another Face of Social Media

Duration: 13. 05. 2021. – 06. 06. 2021

Place: Online


  • Gain knowledge about media and social media, cyberbullying, communication in the online environment, cultural aspects and European opportunities;

  • Gain the ability to distinguish truth and false online, to better understand the negative effects of social media, to think critically and to analyze the information you receive, to use social media in a productive and useful way, to communicate and to share your opinion in public, to work in a team and to adapt to an intercultural environment etc.

  • Last, but not least, you could develop your communication skills in the English language, could develop your digital competencies, gained more confidence in yourself and your abilities and you had the chance to make international friends.

  • At the end of the youth exchange, you received a Youthpass Certificate that proves your participation in the project and validates and recognize your learning outcomes.

Activities and Methods

Kick-off meeting (13th of May): during this session, we got to know each other, reviewed the detailed activity program and set up our learning objectives for the rest of the project.

Online sessions: These meetings we hold on weekends (from Friday to Sunday). During these sessions, we learnt about media and social media, fake news, cyberbullying, the good aspects of the internet, our behaviour in the online environment, digital footprint and digital citizenship etc. All these sessions were held in an interactive way – we had games, treasure hunts, digital escape rooms, etc. where we learned by playing.

Small group sessions: these were tasks in international groups that the participants had to do during the week. There was 2 tasks/per week. For these sessions, they were able to develop their management skills, because they had to decide in the group how they will split the responsibilities and how they are going to work to finish the tasks.

Game Nights: these were optional sessions where we met to play games, share thoughts, dance, drink something together (even though virtual) etc. The programme for these activities was totally flexible, so we decided together how often we met and for how long.


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