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🇭🇺 "ACTION – ACting as a Tool for INclusion"

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Name: ACTION – ACting as a Tool for INclusion

Duration: 03. 10. 2021. – 13. 10. 2021. (including travel days)

Partners: Euroactive NGO Alapítvány – Hungary | ARYAS NGO – Romania | Alternativa Ambiental – Spain | Be the Change – Italy | SIR – Poland | Youth Empowerment Center – Greece

Place: Szentendre, Hungary


Purpose: Personal and professional development of young people in rural areas.


  • Increasing interpersonal and intercultural communication skills for young people;

  • Increasing the ability to assess their potential and self-worth for young people;

Project details

Are you interested in theatre…?

Always wanted to learn from real actors…?

Well, we did… that’s how the ACTION project came to life, which – with the help of two actors – helped us to see how a play is built up – while we could find out talents and build up our self-worth, also learning 1 thing or 2 about our inner and outer environment.


The first day – just as usual – was dedicated to team building. To know each other, build up the trust between each other, for example by writing about our fears and expectations – and last but not least what we would like to change in ourselves. The facilitators make us look into our inner mirror and give us a great opportunity to know ourselves and each other better.

Later the real “acting” started – we did mirror exercises to connect with each other even more. This activity was about connecting with each other on a deeper level and feeling each other – even when we cannot see each other.

After the above-mentioned activity, we had to use our eyes to express our feeling and let the other know what we feeling at a certain moment – sadness, dominance, anger, insecurity… feeling we usually hide from others.

In the middle of the project, we had also some time to visit Szentendre where our venue was – this little gem next to the Danube – and the capital of Hungary (Budapest).

In the second part of the project, participants were needed to make a play – from the scratches. They had to make a choreography, a playlist, and they had to write the whole script (you can see the plays on the videos below). Also, we needed to do the play in front of the public.

Of course, we had a lot of fun – as always, we had intercultural nights (Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Greek and Italian) which gave a little zest to the project as we learn and had fun during them while we learn a lot of interesting things about these countries.


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