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🇫🇷 "Les faits réels comptent"

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

"Real Facts Matter"- the Erasmus+ project to raise awareness about information and media literacy

From the 3rd to the 11th of October 2022 in France, on the Island D'oleron, we had the chance to take part in an erasmus+ project about media literacy, fake news and information between young people.

In this project 60 participants from Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Turkey and France, discussed and debated about freedom of expression and information, presenting through multimedia content and theatrical sketches the situation in their countries. What we learned during this experience, also thanks to the analysis of the most popular news sites in the world and of 5 UNESCO's laws about media literacy, is that in none of our countries information is totally free from any kind of manipulation and that we must learn to defend ourselves from the ever-growing spread of fake news in contemporary media. In order to avoid being misinformed and misled, we understood the importance of critical thinking and source research, also thanks to the CRAAP method of analysis.

But the part of the experience that touched us most deeply was the interpersonal one. We learned how to express ourselves in front of a big multiethnic group of people, sharing our customs and traditions. This sharing between cultures is the greatest baggage of knowledge we bring home. Also, this youth exchange was a great starting point to learn about all of the opportunities offered by the European Union. We met like-minded individuals with whom we can create long-term bonds and programs within the Erasmus+ platform.

Giovanna & Marianna

On the 3rd of October, 60 young people gathered in a small house near Saint George D'Oleron. Their main objective was to discuss media literacy, the dangers of fake news. The countries present were Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, Serbia, Italy and France. The work they did was varied, from video making to brainstorming. There was little rest, but a lot of fun. The work was important but more important were the friends we made and the experiences we had.

Unfortunately, the 11th of October brought an end to all the memorable times.

Activities at the start really differ from the activities at the end we started with some icebreakers and team-building activities that later turned into brainstorming videos to video making. Overall the activities were really good, the best part of the project in someone's opinion.

The activities taught us and showed us practical ways of how media works, and how information travels and collects. The discussions during the sessions were amazing and showed us how freedom of expression is essential for not just ourselves but in regards to the media.

We analyzed methods on how to spot fake news, and learned about the big media conglomerates and the characteristics of their pages. How to rate and read articles and most importantly we learned hot to create our own media.

But media wasn't the only topic. The facilitators also coordinated a session about the whole Erasmus project, its benefits and its limitations. We also had a quick session on how to write a project and how to come up with project ideas.

The group really worked well together the chemistry was amazing and that made it more fun and the free time even better.

The food prepared every day was exceptional and the best compliments go to the chef.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end I really wish you can know that you're in the good times while you're still in them.

Nikola Veljanoski

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